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Formation: Beginning With A Strong Foundation

Beginning a new business venture is intimidating. Hiring an attorney to help form a business can also be intimidating. I seek to ease this process not only with competent and efficient representation, but also with transparent and reasonable fees. Someone once confided: “I am afraid to even call my attorney because I don’t know if I will be billed for the phone call.” Transparency regarding my billing procedures along with a commitment to inform clients before billing them on a new matter gives clients peace of mind.


With the individualized attention of a small practice, clients experience efficient business formations with personalized attention and answers to questions along the way.

Counsel: Optimizing Operations and Outcomes

All businesses operate differently in this global economy. No matter the size, business owners should have confidence that their businesses are legally on par. My practice prides itself in providing up-to-date legal advising in an ever-changing market. Whether employment issues, taxation questions, operational protocols, risk management, or succession planning, clients receive comprehensive legal advice. My practice, utilizing the most comprehensive legal research available, proactively advises on all of these legal matters and more.


Transparent billing practices extend beyond formation of businesses into general business counsel. Clients know they are free to contact me any time with questions and concerns that arise in business operations, knowing that I will proactively inform them if providing comprehensive answers will require additional charges for my time.

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