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Disability Advocacy

Advocating & Equipping: Disability Rights in Educational, Occupational, and Public Sectors

Individuals with physical and mental disabilities face uphill battles in education, occupations, and even public environments. As a result of dealing with my physical disability of cerebral palsy since birth, I have experienced both overt discrimination in all of these sectors and well-intentioned people simply unaware of how to engage with disabled individuals. My practice advises on the educational, occupational, and public access rights of individuals with disabilities. In addition to advocating for my clients, I am passionate about equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for themselves.

Benefit Coordination: Working With Clients to Make Life Work

Individuals with disabilities face unique financial challenges, whether via increased medical expenses or decreased ability to earn income. My own experiences with navigating government aid available to disabled individuals, along with countless hours of research, equips me to help clients achieve the optimal financial position for their unique situations. Beyond coordinating federal and state benefit entitlements, my practice assists in creating and funding special needs trusts, whether self-funded by the disabled individual or funded by third parties.

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