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Estate Planning: Preparing Clients for the Future

Regardless of the amount of assets, estate planning is critical for everyone for three reasons: (1) Durable powers of attorney (healthcare and financial) ensure that the right person has authority to make your medical and financial decisions in the event that you are incapacitated; (2) If individuals have not designated guardians for their children in the event of both parents' deaths, the court/governmental agencies will determine the best interests of the children and guardianship; (3) Proactive and detailed estate planning is necessary to maximize wealth transfer and protection.


To assist my clients in avoiding the hassle and expense of probate court, I recommend creating a revocable trust into which all assets are placed upon death. Then, assets are distributed to beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust without involving the court.


Most law practices provide no information about cost on their websites. However, knowing that most people must plan and budget for extra expenses such as estate plans, giving potential clients a clear picture of costs is the first step in caring for my clients. The cost of an estate plan varies from client to client. For clients with small estates, an estate plan for both spouses can start at a combined rate of $1,000. Discounts based on financial need may be available. For clients with more robust and diverse assets, requiring strategic planning to maximize wealth transfer and protection in light of estate tax laws, the cost of drafting an estate plan is based on an hourly rate. Potential clients should contact my practice for a free consultation and individualized fee determinations.

Funding Trusts: Helping Clients Do More With Their Resources

Although trusts created within estate plans do not require immediate funding, should clients wish to create and fund trusts, those services are available. Creating and funding trusts helps clients preserve and maximize their wealth. Whether clients wish to create and fund charitable trusts, special needs trusts, or asset-protection trusts, my practice is equipped to guide clients through the process.

Settling Estates: Guiding Clients Through the Most Difficult Times

When loved ones pass, individuals face many hardships. Working with the attorney settling the estate should not be one of those hardships. I walk alongside clients during these difficult times, providing not only competent representation in settling the estates of loved ones, but also caring concern in making the process as seamless as possible.

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