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Expert Research

Janae Hofer offers outsourcing to law firms in research and document drafting. 

Each attorney has unique aptitudes in the legal profession.  Janae Hofer's aptitude is researching and drafting highly-complex memorandums, briefs, and agreements.  For a reasonable hourly rate, she provides these services to other attorneys and law firms, thereby allowing them to focus on client relations and care. 


Firms also benefit from this independent contract relationship because Ms. Hofer maintains all her own licensing fees, CLE fees, and assistant payrolls.  Firms are relieved of the provision of benefits, employer taxes, and reasonable accommodations by only paying Ms. Hofer a fixed hourly fee for time actually worked.  Ms. Hofer benefits from the independent contract relationship by having the freedom to accept work on a project-by-project basis in light of fluctuating health due to her physical disability of cerebral palsy.


For more information about her services, please email

Download Janae Hofer's curriculum vitae below. 

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