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 Founded in 2020

Founded to provide large-firm expertise with individualized small-firm care, my practice delivers legal services tailored to each client's needs.  Desiring to devote my life to serving others via the law, I started this practice to have the freedom to help anyone.


Caring Service

Even at a young age, realistically analyzing the impacts of my cerebral palsy upon my career prospects, I felt called to the legal profession.  I knew I would be successful as an attorney because of my hard work ethic combined with my ability to efficiently research complex issues and convey findings via succinct or in- depth written analysis appropriate for the situation.  

Yet, even as I achieved academic and career success in the legal sector at large, I discovered that my passion for helping others was functionally curtailed by demands naturally associated with working for anyone other than myself.  Thus, after achieving academic success and gaining experience, I decided to follow God in faith by opening my own practice with the vision of being able to help all types of clients with their legal needs.  Once I employed a loyal executive assistant who would stick by my side even in opening a new practice, my vision became a reality.  Together with her and other assistants, giving all people access to quality legal representation, regardless of their wealth, is a pillar of this practice.


Janae L. Hofer

Founder, Attorney at Law

Overcoming my physical disability of cerebral palsy to graduate summa cum laude with a bachelor's in business, I attended Creighton School of Law on a full-ride scholarship. Graduating cum laude in the top 15% of my law class, my unwavering desire was to use my legal skills to help people, their businesses, and nonprofits. I gained invaluable legal knowledge and experience at Union Pacific and a large law firm before pursuing my dream of starting a practice focused on individualized service.


While I have physical limitations, I use my God-given powerful mind to serve clients with focused precision. I can provide this focused attention because I employ a competent staff, including a highly competent executive assistant who removes disability-imposed physical barriers to serving clients in my practice of law.


Raised by a successful entrepreneur, the value of serving clients with excellence was instilled in me from a young age. Regardless of account size, I treat each client with integrity, respect, and care. I ensure competent representation by committing to continuously learning and acquiring expert advice when I encounter novel legal issues. I cut no corners in obtaining the most comprehensive and efficient legal research available. Thus, without sacrificing thoroughness, I expediently provide legal advice and solutions while cutting clients' costs via efficient hour reduction.

A lawyer who fails to serve with care fails to serve.

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